Royal Observer Corps
Record added 27/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SX53095781
County Devonshire
Date opened April 1958
Date closed October 1968
Location In a small rectangular compound 120 yards east of Plymbridge Road on the north side of a field boundary
Description OPEN All surface features are intact with some green paint remaining. The ventilation louvres are missing and the hatch which is partly detached is open. The shaft has been capped with concrete in the past but the cap has been removed and lies on the ground nearby. Internally the post is fire and smoke damaged and strewn with rubbish. Remaining artifacts include the table, shelf, cupboard, twin bunks, single bed, 1 mattress, two folding canvas chairs (broken), BPI mount (detached) kettle, some wiring, wooden bench seat.
Date of Visit 17.02.2002
Future Actions
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