Royal Observer Corps
Record added 27/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SJ71478879
County Cheshire
Date opened October 1965
Date closed September 1991
Location In a raised compound on the West side of Cargreen Lane.
Description DEMOLISHED When visited in 1999 all surface features were intact with some flaking of the green paint. The hatch was a slightly different design to usual with an internal lock that requires a different 'T' bar key. The hatch was open but the counter balance weight was detached making it difficult to lift. The post had been stripped apart from one laminated notice, some wiring and the fire blanket box which was unusually positioned at the bottom of the ladder. There was also a folding wash basin table (no basin) on the back of the toilet door. The post was sold by auction in 2003. The owner who lives in Tunbridge Wells applied for planning permission to build a house on the site in 2006, this was refused and the post remeined unchanged since the until October 2007. All above ground features of the post have now been demolished and the earth cover and roof of the monitoring room has been removed. Any rubble that fell into the monitoring room during this process has been cleared indicating that the room is to be put to some future use.
Date of Visit 30.8.1999
Future Actions
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