Royal Observer Corps
Record added 27/4/2001
OS Grid Reference TL60117738
County Cambridgeshire
Date opened April 1961
Date closed September 1991
Location In rectangular compound on South side of Hasse road and north of lake.
Description LOCKED All surface features remain intact and in good condition, there is a notice on the access shaft which reads 'Ministry of Defence Property'. There is another sign on a pole by the compound gate which reads '42 Post'. When visited in July 2004 the post had been recently pained and we very well maintained.
On one side of the compound there is an aircraft observation position consisting of 2 steps up to a concrete platform which is surrounded by railings. There is a short wooden pole in the ground outside the railings but the top of it is within reach of the platform, this would have been for the telephone connection.
Date of Visit 11.7.1998
Future Actions
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