Royal Observer Corps
Record added 27/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SK40873789
County Derbyshire
Date opened November 1963
Date closed October 1968
Location On a low mound 50 yards south west from the corner of a wood and 200 yards south of a private road/public footpath running through Locko Park Estate.
Description OPEN All surface features remain intact but the ventilation louvres are missing and the ventilation shaft is reduced to reinforcing bars above the level of the louvre holes. The BPI pipe is bent over. Much of the light green paint remains on the access shaft and the hatch is open. Internally the post is flooded to a depth of 18". All the internal walls and woodwork are painted green. The table and twin bunks remain in place although the bottom bunk is below the water. There is a short pipe welded to the top of the FSM cover plate with a coaxial socket on the top of it. The cable runs down the FSM pipe resting on the instrument table below alongside a 6 volt battery. The post was used as an unlicenced amateur repeater station (for boosting the signal from amateur [ham] VHF transmissions to give a wider coverage) by a group of local amateur radio enthusiasts from the late 1970ís until 1988 with a semi permanent mast erected using aluminium mast sections and 3 point guy rope anchoring and a bank of emergency lighting batteries (now removed) that were periodically removed,
Date of Visit 17.6.2000
Future Actions
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