Royal Observer Corps
Record added 27/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SK22795523
County Derbyshire
Date opened October 1964
Date closed September 1991
Location On a low mound in a rectangular compound at the end of a line of telegraph poles. 200 yards west of an un-named minor road.
Description OPEN All surface features remain intact with the green paint flaking badly. The step is broken. At one side of the mound there is a pipe protruding from the ground with a telephone cable sticking out of it. This is covered by a hexagonal metal cover painted ROC Green with GPO stamped on it. The hatch is open. Internally much remains including twin bunks and the ends of a single bed, three mattresses, long shelf with two shorter wooden shelves above it at one end, instrument table raised to the level of the cupboard, box of printing out paper, WB1401 carrier receiver and WB1410 filter unit, BT connection boxes and wiring, mirror, posters, 1 original canvas folding chair and one other chair, two pairs of Wellington boots, battery box, light, three Jerry cans, waste bin, bowl, candle holder, two containers for heating liquids, fire blanket box, rubber gloves, gaskets for FSM probe pipe, small splint, teapot and two tins of fire making tablets.
A two storey brick aircraft post stands on a craggy outcrop 150 yards to the north west at SK22695526. It is approximately 11' X 7' steeps steps up to the upper floor. The aircraft observation area is open topped and 7' X 7' with evidence of the mounting for the instrument table in the centre. Two steps lead down into the crew room which is 4' X 7' with a sloping roof. There is a door into the lower room at the bottom of the stairs with a window in the opposite wall. There is an outside toilet block attached to the north wall.
Date of Visit 17.6.2000
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