Royal Observer Corps
Record added 27/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SU75997782
County Oxfordshire
Date opened September-59
Date closed September-91
Location In clump of bushes at the end of an L shaped track, 100 yards South of Henley Road (A4155).
Description OPEN Two sides of the compound fencing still stands. The access shaft is particularly high. the top being five feet above the ground. The FSM pipe stands on top of a two foot high concrete plinth. (It seems likely that some of the earth cover has been removed). Two small modern buildings stand on the site, one immediately adjacent (almost touching) the access shaft and the other, a metal container, stands where the ventilation shaft would have been. From inside the container steps have been constructed to give easy access to the monitoring room. The hatch is open but a large number of unfolded cardboard boxes have been placed at the bottom of the shaft to make access difficult. It is possible to push the door to the monitoring room ajar but the it can't be opened any further as the room is stacked from floor to ceiling with filled cardboard boxes. Judging by the mortar tubes and other items laying close by, the post is now used as a fireworks store. 6.2005 It has reported that the container has now been removed and the site refenced.
Reported in 2008 that the site has now been demolished
Date of Visit 14.11.1998
Future Actions
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