Royal Observer Corps
Record added 26/4/2001
OS Grid Reference TA17720252
County Lincolnshire
Date opened May 1959
Date closed October 1968
Location Hidden in a clump of bushes on the West side of Cuxwold Road on the brow of a hill
Description OPEN The whole area is heavily overgrown and access is difficult. All surface features remain intact but the ventilation louvres are missing. The concrete apron around the shaft is breaking up as the surrounding soil has started eroding. The hatch is open but the counter balance has become detached making it heavy and difficult to lift. Internally the post has been completely stripped apart from twin bunks and a single bed.
An Orlit 'B' (The only elevated Orlit remaining in Lincolnshire) stands clear of the undergrowth at the edge of a field. It has been completely stripped including doors but otherwise is in good condition.
Date of Visit 2.5.1999
Future Actions
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