Royal Observer Corps
Record added 26/4/2001
Post Name LOUTH
OS Grid Reference TF33738474
County Lincolnshire
Date opened October 1959
Date closed September 1991
Location At the end of a line of telegraph poles on a mound behind a house, 80 yards East of London Road and 60 yards North of Kenwick Hill.
Description LOCKED Some fence posts (including the gate opening) remain from what was a triangular compound. All surface features remain intact with the light green paint in good condition, the step is detached. A metal dome on the ventilation shaft indicates this was a master (radio) post. The hatch is locked. . Internally the following items remain: table, shelf, cupboard, two folding canvas chairs, two newer chairs, siren box, battery box with battery, battery switching box, coax cable and copper earth straps for radio, air pipe for pump up aerial mast, weather vane indicating this was a ROCMET post, 2 cloud posters, 3 pairs of Wellington boots, posters, 3 mattresses, small splint, BPI mount, BT junction boxes/wiring, light, some papers, cups, crowbar, rope. The post was sold in 2003.
Date of Visit 18.4.1999 & 19.4.2003
Future Actions
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