Royal Observer Corps
Record added 26/4/2001
OS Grid Reference TM12579878
County Norfolk
Date opened June 1959
Date closed September 1991
Location In a triangular compound at the end of a line of telegraph poles, 75 yards East of Long Lane.
Description LOCKED All surface features remain intact, the hatch is locked. Internally the following artifacts remain: table, shelf, cupboard, large fire blanket in its box, some papers, log book, stool, enamel bucket/lid, 2 cloud charts, large splint, 2 pairs of Wellington boots, cluster map, plastic plates/cups, rubber gloves, teapot, kettle, saucepan and the BPI mount. The post is due to be sold in 2003.
An Orlit B in good condition stands within the compound. Remains of the wooden instrument mounting are still in place.
Date of Visit 1.8.1998 & 3.4.2003
Future Actions
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