Royal Observer Corps
Record added 26/4/2001
OS Grid Reference TF85093507
County Norfolk
Date opened July 1961
Date closed September 1991
Location On the South side of an un-named minor road running East from Bloodgate Hill.
Description LOCKED All surface featured remain intact. The hatch is locked but can be opened with a 'T' bar key. Some communications (BT) equipment, including the WB1401 carrier receiver, remains together with some posters. Furniture includes the folding table and shelf, cupboard and a chair. There are several items of electronic equipment that are operating, powered by two dozen large batteries on the floor. (These will probably run the equipment for several years without recharging) In issue 39 of the Kent defence Group's magazines 'Ravelin' (page 17), David Burridge reports on an ROC post in Kent that was retained by the MOD after stand-down as a 'Seismic Installation'. When contacted, the MOD stated that 6 former ROC sites, including South Creake form part of the MOD network of seismic stations used in connection with nuclear test ban verification. Although there was no equipment in place at the Kent site it is assumed this equipment has some connection with this use. The post is still maintained by a former observer.
A brick aircraft observation post, darting from the war, stands close to the road. A blast proof entrance leads to the first room where there is an instrument mounting. Two steps lead down to a second room.
Date of Visit 4.7.1998
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