Royal Observer Corps
Record added 26/4/2001
OS Grid Reference TQ74272576
County Sussex
Date opened September 1961
Date closed October 1968
Location In middle of field north east of Mill Farm & 100 yards north of un-named road.
Description OPEN All surface features are intact and in good condition with much of the green paint remaining. All four ventilation louvres are missing. The post was locked when inspected in 1997 but when visited in December 2000 the hatch was found to be open. Internally the post is in excellent condition, with table (detached), shelf (detached), cupboard, twin bunks and single bed, two carpets, half the post battery, GPO wiring and junction boxes, light and other wiring. The ventilation louvers are also to be found. There is also part of the wing of a WW2 aircraft. The owner who had never seen the inside of the posts till this inspection intends to relock the post and being a radio ham he is considering converting it into his radio shack. In October 2001 it was noted that the site is now a public open space. Rother District Council have erected a board just outside the gate to the field which reads,"Stage Field Open Space, Royal Observer Corps Underground Observation Post. Bequested for public use in 1949 by the late Lt. Colonel T.B. Hornblower, to commemorate The Battle of Britain."
A small brick building nearby with a gently sloping concrete roof is the crew quarters of the aircraft post. The concrete base for the rest of the building stands alongside. The building is locked.
Date of Visit 15.8.1997 and 3.12.2000
Future Actions
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