Royal Observer Corps
Record added 26/4/2001
OS Grid Reference TQ30522439
County Sussex
Date opened June1962 & November1970
Date closed October 1968 & September 1991
Location In compound in the middle of a field 200 yards west of church.
Description LOCKED. All surface features are intact and in good condition although the hatch has been damaged by vandals and unless repaired they will gain access to this well preserved post. The hatch is locked but can be opened with a 'T' bar key. Internally wiring, mattresses in unopened packets, two cupboards, shelf. medicine cabinet with medicines, bandages etc., maps, kitchen utensils, paperwork including post log are still in place. There is also a sign that reads 'Danger - do not touch. Unexploded maroon'. A stone plaque leaning against the access shaft reads 'ROC 50th anniversary 1925 - 1975. The Cuckfield Observer post was formed in the spring of 1925 and moved to this site in 1927. The post operated day and night throughout the 2nd world war 1939 - 1945. This commemorative stone was unveiled 29th October 1975. Forewarned is forearmed.' Having closed in 1968 the post we re-opened in 1970 following the closure of Ditchling.
In 2010 the post was restored by Subbrit members Mark Russell and Ed Coombes in association with the local parish council and is reguarly opened to the public for visitors. Contact for more information on open days. The post is now securely locked and alarmed and no items of any value are left on site.
Four concrete blocks in the north west corner are the base for the Orlit B.
Date of Visit 29.8.1997 & 7.3.1999 & 2012
Future Actions
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