Royal Observer Corps
Record added 26/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SZ45649852
County Hampshire
Date opened April 1962
Date closed September 1991
Location In a small rectangular compound beside Solent Rescue hut in the upper car park of Lepe country Park on the East side of Lepe Road.
Description LOCKED One disused telegraph poles stands in a children's playground nearby. All surface features remain intact with the green paint in good condition. the post is completely overgrown with ivy. The hatch is locked. Internally much remains including table, shelf, cupboard, 5 separate shelves and a rack of wooden shelves, cluster map, fire blanket in its box, papers, signs, posters, a sign which reads 'Danger unexploded maroons', utensils, wiring, pick axe, broom dustpan/brush, two buckets, Jerry can, boots, car radio and speaker. there is electrical wiring up the shaft to a junction box at the top. The owners have considered restoring the post and opening it to the public.
It was reported on 22.08.14 that a grant of 68,000 has been given by the HLF to restore the post and add a viewing aid so the inside can be seen by visitors.
Date of Visit 11.9.1999
Future Actions
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