Royal Observer Corps
Record added 26/4/2001
OS Grid Reference TL85521261
County Essex
Date opened June 1959
Date closed September 1991
Location In a compound on the east side of Goat Lodge Road at it's junction with the track to Scripps Farm.
Description LOCKED The compound well maintained, externally the post in very good condition with all surface features intact although the hatch has been damaged by vandals. A new telephone line and poles were installed in 1997 (perhaps by mistake by BT as many local poles were replaced at the same time). Internally the furniture is 'non standard' with a long bench with several cupboards, dexion shelving with curtains, curtains in front of the bunks although only the mattresses now remain. Some papers, kitchen utensils, notices & wiring. Locked when first inspected in the spring of 1997, open in July 1998 locked in September 2002
January 2016 - heavily overgrown but accessible just possible
Date of Visit 6.6.1997 & 26.6.1998
Future Actions
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