Royal Observer Corps
Record added 26/4/2001
OS Grid Reference TQ87739345
County Essex
Date opened January 1962
Date closed October 1968
Location In the rear garden of 'Little Doggetts' on the east side of Hyde Wood Lane
Description OPEN. Externally in fair condition although rather weathered. The present owner was going to demolish the surface features a few years ago but had such difficulty removing the air-shaft that he has decided to leave the rest. Internally the post is in excellent condition apart from a little rubble from the air-shaft. The original white paintworkpaint-work is still in good. Remaining features include two bunks and a single bed, cupboard, table, shelf, battery shelf and some wiring. After closure the post was sold back to the farm for 100.
A Type B Orlit post, also in good condition, stands nearby amongst some out-buildings. The owners grand-children call it 'the play-house'.
Date of Visit 26.6.1998
Future Actions
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