Royal Observer Corps
Record added 26/4/2001
OS Grid Reference TQ54948298
County Essex
Date opened Unknown
Date closed September 1991
Location In a large compound south of Warwick Lane opposite its junction with Gerpins Lane and adjacent to the entrance to Rainham Quarry.
Description LOCKED Externally in good condition with all the surface features intact but some flaking of the light blue paint. There are steps along two sides of the access shaft. A metal dome on the ventilation shaft indicates this was a master post. The compound was used for light industrial purposes in 1998 but the buildings have now been demolished and the site is now overgrown. The hatch is locked but can be opened with a T-Bar key. Internally much remains including the folding table, shelf, cupboard, rack of Dexion shelves (with more loose Dexion), tool cupboard (with some tools inside), 3 chairs, siren box, BPI mount, BT junction boxes and wiring, Tele-Talk, WB1401 carrier receiver with WB1410 filter unit, various papers, two enamel buckets, coax cable for radio, 20 tins of fuel for Tommy cooker, battery switching box, plastic bowl, cleaning materials, 2 cloud recognition posters, two notice boards, electric lawnmower, two pairs of Wellington boots, broom, fork, spike, rope, bucket, kettle, T-pot, pots and pans, two sets of baffle plates, first aid poster, mirror, two lights, two plastic mugs and spare FSM probe gaskets.
Date of Visit 19.6.1998 & 12.9.2001
Future Actions
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