Royal Observer Corps
Record added 26/4/2001
OS Grid Reference TR17136498
County Kent
Date opened September1965 and 1976
Date closed October 1968 & September 1991
Location Alongside farm track to West of Bullockstone Road.
Description LOCKED The post was closed in 1968 but re-opened in 1976 following the closure of Blean. The hatch was welded in late 1997 after vandals cut the locks off. The owner kindly agreed to grind the welds off for an inspection. Externally the post is in excellent condition with a mounting for a radio mast still indicating this was a master post. There was no compound fencing at the request of the landowner who rented the post back to the MOD when it reopened in 1976 rather than sell the land. The hatch is now locked and can be opened with a 'T' bar key. (The owner does not have a key.) Internally the post is also in excellent condition retaining many of its operational features including folding table and shelf, cupboard, battery stand, kitchen utensils, paper racks, splint, tool rack with some tools, light, maps, files, posters, visitors log, ROC magazines and a mass of other papers.
Date of Visit 12.3.1998
Future Actions
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