Royal Observer Corps
Record added 26/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SD79603461
County Lancashire
Date opened March 1963
Date closed September 1991
Location There is a parking area adjacent to 29 Windermere Road. A footpath leads in a North Easterly direction towards a farm at the second gateway turning right the post is at the edge of the field close to the hedgerow on the right.
Description LOCKED All surface features remain intact with bad flaking of the green paint. A metal dome on the ventilation shaft indicates this was a master post. The hatch is locked but can be opened with a T bar key. Internally the post is strewn with rubble and is a mess. The cupboard is intact but the table and shelf are detached from the wall. Other items remaining include BT junction box, battery switching box, notice board, BPI mount and light.
October 2015: Padiham is open but has been very fire damaged. Landowner allowed access but does not want others trying to gain access.
Date of Visit 9.4.2000
Future Actions
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