Royal Observer Corps
Record added 26/4/2001
Post Name FORMBY
OS Grid Reference SD27740553
County Lancashire
Date opened July 1962
Date closed After 1966 possibly before 1968
Location On sand dunes 150 yards South East from Albert Road (unmade track), along path across dunes which joins Albert Road just West of ‘The Bungalow’.
Description OPEN All surface features remain intact although the site is very badly eroded down to the roof of the monitoring room leaving the ventilation shaft and FSM pipe standing on top of concrete pillars and the access shaft on top of 9 course s of bricks. The BPI pipe has been broken off and the ventilation louvres are missing. The shaft has been capped with concrete but there is a large hole in one side giving access. The shaft and monitoring room have been partially filled with rubble from the demolished RN observation tower nearby although access is still possible. Internally one door lies on top of the rubble, nothing else is visible. A rough concrete shell surrounds the post to try and stop the erosion but this has sunk as the sand has eroded around it. Eventually the post was abandoned due to the erosion and a new post built at Woodvale to replace it.
The base of a Royal Navy observation tower stand a few yards to the North, during WW2 this was used by the ROC as their aircraft post.
Date of Visit 18.11.1999
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