Royal Observer Corps
Record added 25/4/2001
OS Grid Reference NY83886598
County Northumberland
Date opened January 1961
Date closed September 1991
Location In a compound on a mound on top of a hill in the middle of a pastoral field, 100 yards South of an un-named minor road and 200 yards East of North Road.
Description OPEN All surface features remain intact. The hatch was locked when inspected in 1998 but the hasps have now been cut and the post is open. Internally the post is in good condition with the following items still in place: Table, shelf, cupboard, twin bunks, chemical toilet, siren box and instructions. Teletalk, fire blanket, rubber gloves, empty sandbags, stretcher, distilled water, pots, pans & a teapot, various stateboards for inspection /maintenance (battery records etc). Misc. paperwork including: bunker inspection report forms, standing orders, health and safety instructions, blank plotting and monitoring sheets various, standing orders and instructions, names and contact details for all in 22 Group

All signage below ground remains intact and in place. Of special note is a homemade plaque detailing the names of those who served in the post, the personnel who stood the final watch and decommissioning date.
A semi-sunken air-raid shelter and a square brick building stand 100 yards to the North on the North side of the un-named road. No obvious ROC connection.
Date of Visit 17.5.1998 & 2.9.2006
Future Actions
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