Royal Observer Corps
Record added 24/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SD13520011
County Cumberland
Date opened October 1965
Date closed September 1991
Location Valley floor location. On a low mound in a square compound straddling field boundary, 50 yards South of un-named minor road running through Eskdale Green.
Description LOCKED All surface features remain intact with some flaking of the green paint. The step is detached and the hatch is very rusty. There is a small wooden box screwed to the side of the ventilation shaft with a short length of cable protruding from the bottom. Its purpose is unknown. The hatch is locked.
Adam Tofarides May 2013: The hatch is badly rusted and is on at an angle, held down with some heavy gauge chain and padlocks. The farmer that uses the field has the keys to the locks, I also have a set which they approved for future documentation and maintenance. The counterweight is still intact and moves with a little force. All Surface features remain intact as far as I can tell, the paint has mostly flaked from the access hatch but the detector, vent and pneumatic antenna are all still in good condition. Inside some original features remain in good condition, there are some training manuals and BT equipment, asbestos fire blanket work surface and a wall mounted map of the other posts in the region.
Date of Visit 28.5.2000
Future Actions
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