Royal Observer Corps
Record added 24/4/2001
OS Grid Reference NY48614626
County Cumberland
Date opened October 1965
Date closed October 1968
Location On a low mound in the North West corner of a field on a hilltop. 80 yards North East of farm track/bridleway running South East from Aiketgate village.
Description OPEN All surface features remain in place although the top of the ventilation shaft and all the ventilation louvres are missing. The hatch is also missing and the top of the access shaft has been neatly cut down by 8". Internally there is 1" of water on the floor with only the shelf, brackets for the instrument table, GPO connection boxes and some wiring remaining. Unusually for an early closure the timer is also still in place just inside the monitoring room door.
Date of Visit 28.5.2000
Future Actions
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