Royal Observer Corps
Record added 24/4/2001
OS Grid Reference TA17565479
County Yorkshire
Date opened October 1959
Date closed September 1991
Location On a low mound in a square compound on South side of field boundary, 75 yards East of Hornsea Road (B1242).
Description OPEN All surface features remain intact with bad flaking of the green and earlier blue paint. A metal dome on the ventilation shaft indicates this was a master post. The hatch is open. Remaining artefacts include folding table, shelf, cupboard, BPI mounting board, papers, notices, BT termination unit, tool board with splint and gaskets and a high level shelf for the radio. The walls and ceiling are covered in polystyrene tiles.
A brick aircraft posts stands in the north east corner of the compound. It is approximately 9 X 9 and divided into three rooms with a corrugated section, perhaps a toilet, that appears to be a later addition. The 6 X 6 aircraft observation room has a large circular opening in the roof. The building probably dates from 1940.
Date of Visit 15.5.1999
Future Actions
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