Royal Observer Corps
Record added 24/4/2001
OS Grid Reference TA24437059
County Yorkshire
Date opened September 1960
Date closed October 1968
Location On the South side of B1259 East of a field boundary.
Description OPEN All surface features remain intact although the site has been partially covered with soil and is now grassed over, with only the ventilation shaft completely clear of soil. The hatch is open but the shaft has been filled with rubble to stop local children playing in the post and lighting fires. All the ventilation louvres are missing. There is a metal pipe protruding from the ground with a piece of telephone cable in it.

June 2015: Reported by WH that shaft has been cleared of rubble. In the early 80s myself and friends visited this post as children to play inside and it was in tact, in perfect condition in fact with 2 bunk beds and a table. after the infill of rubble sometime later, the interior items were damaged badly which can now be seen up against the walls in pieces now the rubble has been removed again.
Date of Visit 6.5.2000
Future Actions
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