Royal Observer Corps
Record added 24/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SE10601386
County Yorkshire
Date opened November 1961
Date closed October 1968
Location On the west side of Golf Course beside Huddersfield Observatory. At the end of a track 150 yards south from Blackmoor Foot Road.
Description OPEN All surface features are in place apart from the BPI pipe, which is probably buried under a pile of soil. The hatch, ladder and ventilation louvres are missing. The FSM pipe is bent over and its top is missing. There is some damage to the ventilation shaft adjacent to the access shaft. Access was gained using an electron caving ladder. The shaft has been partially filled with domestic garbage but it is just possible to gain access to the monitoring room, which is flooded to a depth of 15 inches. Only a single bed remains piled with bricks. Much of the rubbish has spilled into the room.

Visit by Marc Robson on Tuesday the 26th May 2015. The main shaft has been filled in with rubble and is now full of litter, nothing is accessible, all the metalwork has been removed, including the ladder
The observatory, which stands a few yards to the east, consists of a small square building with a dome on top. This could incorporate party of the aircraft post.
Date of Visit 9.9.2000
Future Actions
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