Royal Observer Corps
Record added 24/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SD98594289
County Yorkshire
Date opened June 1963
Date closed October 1968
Location In the North West corner of a field just South of the footpath running along Earl Crag. 75 yards south East from monument and 300 yards North of Buck Stone Lane.
Description SEALED All surface features apart from the BPI pipe are in place but the ventilation shaft is reduced to below the level of the louvre holes and the remaining air shaft has been filled with concrete. The shaft has been capped with concrete but this capping has fallen away and lies in the grass with the hatch fixed to it. The shaft has now been recapped but their is a hole in the cap revealing that the shaft is also infilled with rubble. The adjacent ventilation shaft is also reduced to below the level of the ventilation louvre holes. The step is detached.
Four concrete blocks in the grass nearby are the bases for the legs of an Orlit B aircraft post.
Date of Visit 26.5.2000
Future Actions
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