Royal Observer Corps
Record added 24/4/2001
OS Grid Reference TA23153149
County Yorkshire
Date opened June 1962
Date closed October 1968
Location Sandwiched between a wooden hut and a modern out building, on the North side of a new house on the East side of Southfield Road
Description OPEN All surface features remain intact although the low mound has been removed leaving the two shafts and FSM pipe standing on two courses of bricks. The hatch has its locking bar in place but it is very rusty and would probably open. Timber has been piled on top of it. Three sides of the compound fencing still exists and a new house has been built within the compound.
The wooden hut, which is a little dilapidated, is probably the original post hut, moved from its original position as it is now within a foot of the access shaft to the underground post.
Date of Visit 3.7.1999
Future Actions
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