Royal Observer Corps
Record added 24/4/2001
OS Grid Reference IH70307178
County Tyrone
Date opened Unknown
Date closed October 1968
Location In the rear garden of a house on the north side of B160.
Description OPEN All surface features have been removed and the hatch re-instated flush with the ground. The ladder has been cut back to below ground level but still gives access to the monitoring room. The hatch is detached from its frame but openable. The monitoring room is flooded to a depth of 10 and has been completely stripped apart from a GPO junction box and some wiring.
A brick aircraft posts stands beside a large tree on a rocky outcrop behind the garden. It is approximately 10 X 6 consisting of a 6 X 4 crew room with a gently sloping roof (removed) and a 6 X 6 open observation room.
Date of Visit 14.6.2002
Future Actions
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