Royal Observer Corps
Record added 22/4/2001
OS Grid Reference IJ23645570
County Down
Date opened First opening unknown second opening by 1982
Date closed September 1991
Location In a small rectangular compound at the end of a line of telegraph poles on the north side of a field boundary, 200 yards north west from a sharp bend in Edentrillick Hill.
Description LOCKED The post closed in 1968 but was re-opened about 1982 replacing Dundrod. All surface features remain intact. A metal dome on the ventilation shaft and a free standing aerial mast bracket indicate this was a master post. There is a raised GZI mounting on the other ventilation shaft. A 3rd hasp has been added for extra security and this is securely locked with a Chubb box lock. There are steps on two sides of the access shaft, one, a double step, is a later addition. There is also a concrete step for access into the compound.
A brick aircraft post stands nearby. It is approximately 10 X 6 with a 6 X 4 crew room with a gently sloping roof (removed) and a 6 X 6 open observation room. A few bricks are missing from the top of the wall.
Date of Visit 12.6.2002
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