Royal Observer Corps
Record added 22/4/2001
OS Grid Reference IJ63446597
County Down
Date opened June 1957
Date closed September 1991
Location In a rectangular compound on hilltop 250 yards west of the A2.
Description LOCKED All surface features remain intact with flaking of the green paint. One side of the access shaft is unusually rounded, there is a double step up to it. The hatch is open. Internally the post has been vandalised with the shelf and one door detached. Remaining artifacts include the table, cupboard, BPI mount, 4 wooden shelves, BT junction box (broken), two mattresses, one ventilation louvre, shelf in the toilet recess. There is a WB1401 carrier receiver with WB1410 filter unit. These units are, as usual mounted on a board but the loudspeaker is missing and appears not to have been mounted with them.
A square rendered brick building stands nearby. It has bricked up windows and a broken door. Itís unclear if this building has any connection.
Date of Visit 11.6.2002
Future Actions
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