Royal Observer Corps
Record added 22/4/2001
OS Grid Reference IC91274115
County Antrim
Date opened August 1957
Date closed October 1968
Location On a low mound beside cellphone mast. 80 yards north of Ballyclough Road.
Description OPEN All surface features remain intact although the ventilation louvers are missing. The hatch is open but detached and the ladder is missing. Access was gained using an electron caving ladder. Internally the post is strewn with rubbish and rubble. The cupboard remains in place with its doors detached. The BPI mount is detached and some wiring remains in place. Two ventilation louvers lie on the floor.
An aircraft post on stilts stands alongside. It is of brick construction and is approximately 10 X 6 with a 6 X 4 crew room with a gently sloping roof (removed) and a 6 X 6 open observation area. There are some bricks missing from two walls and a disused telegraph pole alongside.

Date of Visit 9.6.2002
Future Actions
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