Royal Observer Corps
Record added 21/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SO29997161
County Radnorshire
Date opened October 1962
Date closed September 1991
Location On a mound on the north side of a field boundary 15 yards east of Llanshay Lane. At the end of a long line of telegraph poles along the road.
Description OPEN The post has been badly vandalised both externally and internally. Some fencing from the small rectangular compound remains. The top of the ventilation shaft is damaged, the step and the hatch are detached. Internally the post has been trashed. The cupboard is broken, the table and shelf are detached. The WB1401 carrier receiver and WB1410 filter unit are still in place but damaged as is the BT connection box, the tele-talk is broken in half. The floor is strewn with rubble, rubbish and many papers from the post including a training manual. Some other artifacts are visible amongst the rubbish including the small splint, broom, dustpan, FSM pipe blanking plate. There is a bird nesting at the top of the shaft.
Date of Visit 3.7.2000
Future Actions
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