Royal Observer Corps
Record added 21/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SO21939660
County Montgomeryshire
Date opened May 1960
Date closed October 1968
Location On a mound on a steep slope 100 yards south of an un-named minor road, close to the car park for Montgomery Castle.
Description LOCKED All surface features remain intact although the
ventilation louvres have gone and there is some damage to the ventilation shaft. A little green paint remains. The concrete slab on top of the brick step is missing. The hatch is detached on one side of the hinge but is still
locked internally. It is unusual for this locking mechanism still to work on a post closed in 1968. The hatch can be opened with a 'T' bar key. Internally the post has been completely stripped apart from three bed ends. There is some smoke damage and some rubble on the floor and several piles of bricks. There are a number of fence posts from the large, square compound. A telegraph pole is lying on the ground on the field boundary south of the post.
The base of an aircraft post stands in the south west corner of the compound. There is a raised octagonal concrete
plinth on the base. There is also a prefabricated concrete wall section lying on top of it.
Date of Visit 20.5.2002
Future Actions
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