Royal Observer Corps
Record added 20/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SH60171806
County Merionethshire
Date opened September 1965
Date closed October 1968
Location On a low mound on a steep hillside, on the West side of a high field boundary and on the South side of a public footpath running East from the end of a steep minor access road. 300 yards East of A496.
Description OPEN A low stone wall has been built along one side of the mound to prevent erosion. All surface features, including the ventilation louvres, remain intact as does some of the green paint. The hatch is open. Internally the post is extremely well preserved for an early closure. It is clean and dry with no vandalism or graffiti. Remaining artefacts include the single bed, cupboard, shelf, table, BPI mount, light, circular base for aircraft instrument chart, 1st aid poster, battery box, GPO connection boxes and wiring and a large number of cardboard boxes of different shapes that had contained protective suits. There is also a pornographic magazine dated 1966.
There is an aircraft post built on a ledge in the stone wall a few yards to the East. There is a metal ladder fixed to the wall for access. The building is of brick, approximately 12' X 8'. There is a raised aircraft observation platform approximately 8' X 8' with steps down into the 5' X 8' crew room which has a sloping concrete roof. Three walls are of brick but the back wall is of stone forming part of the high field boundary wall. The building is full of rubbish including
Date of Visit 24.7.2000
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