Royal Observer Corps
Record added 19/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SS41858832
County Glamorganshire
Date opened September 1962
Date closed October 1968
Location On steep hillside East of a public footpath 300 yards North of B4247 (steep climb).
Description OPEN One side of the compound fencing including the gate survives. All surface features are intact set low into the ground. The ventilation louvres are missing and the hatch is badly rusted with hole in it. The drain pipe from the sump comes out onto the hillside 20 feet to the South. Internally the post is in poor condition. The cupboard is there but its doors are lying on the floor. The table, shelf, BPI mount and toilet doors are all detached and lying on the floor. The bottom half of the twin bunks is still in place.
A thick metal pipe sticks vertically out of the ground forty feet to the East. This could be the site of the aircraft post.
Date of Visit 13.5.2000
Future Actions
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