Royal Observer Corps
Record added 18/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SS84679074
County Glamorganshire
Date opened September 1961
Date closed September 1991
Location In a high fenced rectangular compound 40 yards East of a junction of two un-named minor roads and to the South of a public footpath. A long line of telegraph poles alongside the road ends nearby.
Description SEALED The top of the access shaft has been rebuilt and a new larger hatch (Torlift) fitted. This new hatch has now gone causing damage to the access shaft. The step has been almost hacked away and the adjacent ventilation shaft has been completely hacked away. The main ventilation shaft has also been badly damaged with its top missing. There is some flaking of the light green paint. The BPI & FSM pipes are intact.

When visited in 1999 the post was open but it has now been sealed with a concrete cap. Internally the post is flooded to a depth of 8, rubbish strewn and smoke damaged. Remaining artefacts includes table, shelf, cupboard, two chairs, rack of dexion shelves, fire blanket box, light, BT junction boxes and some wiring.

The post is owned by a local communications company but because the site is prone to vandalism the owner feels that it can't be used to house radio equipment which is why it has now been sealed.
Date of Visit 19.10.1999
Future Actions
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