Royal Observer Corps
Record added 18/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SJ37374414
County Flintshire
Date opened May 1965
Date closed September 1991
Location In a small rectangular compound on the south side of a field boundary beside footpath linking Musley Lane with Salop Road
Description LOCKED The post was within a larger compound and one side of the original fencing still survives along the field boundary. The size of the compound was reduced by the Home Office at the request of the farmer when the site was handed back after stand down. All surface features remain intact with some flaking of the green paint. A metal dome on the ventilation shaft indicates this was a master post. There are no padlocks but the hatch is locked internally and can be opened with a T-bar key. Internally the post is in good condition although rather damp with much remaining including table, shelf, cupboard, a lot of papers and forms, visitors log, Tele-Talk, WB1401 carrier receiver and WB1410 filter unit, copper earth straps, coax cable for radio, BT wiring and junction boxes, 2 chairs, dustpan and brush, broom, 2 mattresses. The owner allowed people from the village to visit the post after closure and those that did have signed the visitorís book. Most of the papers were removed after the inspection so that they could be dried out. The owner intends to put them back and is keen that the post should be preserved although he would not welcome further visitors
Date of Visit 3.10.2000
Future Actions
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