Royal Observer Corps
Record added 17/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SN59618290
County Cardiganshire
Date opened February 1966
Date closed October 1968
Location On the edge of a golf course on Penglais Hill and alongside a public footpath. Close to Penglais Farm.
Description DEMOLISHED No trace of the post remains. It may have been lost when landscaping the nearby green on the golf course.
An 'L' shaped brick aircraft post stands a few hundred metres away by a trig station (SN593834). It has a blast protected entrance leads directly into the open topped observation area approximately 7' square with an octagonal hole in the roof. A metal column still fixed to
the floor would have been the mounting for the instrument table. At the back of the open area thee steps lead down to the 4' X 7' crew room with a slightly sloping concrete roof. A second crew room (6' X 5') with a sloping asbestos roof appears to have been added later making the short arm of the 'L'. A further two steps lead down into this room. A chimney on the roof indicates there must have been a stove in this room. The building is of brick and concrete construction with some rendering remaining on the brick
walls. Both crew rooms have windows. There are two other disused military buildings in the area that probably have no connection with the post.
Date of Visit 20.5.2002
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