Royal Observer Corps
Record added 17/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SN92834759
County Breconshire
Date opened December 1958
Date closed September 1991
Location On a low mound on the South side of a field boundary, 80 yards West of an un-named minor road.
Description OPEN Some compound fence posts still stand. All surface features remain intact with some flaking of the green paint. The top of the access shaft has been reconstructed and a new larger hatch fitted. The hatch is the same size as a Torlift but is fastened with two padlocks and hasps along one side and can also be locked internally with a 'T' bar key, different in design to the usual 'T' bar. Internally much remains including the table, shelf, cupboard, a free standing table, WB1401 carrier receiver and WB1410 filter unit, siren box, visitors book, cluster maps, cleaning materials, dustpan/brush, two boxes of printing out paper, light, BT connection boxes and wiring, pick axe (broken) with a new handle, broom, spare FSM gasket, FSM pipe planking plate, saucepan & kettle. Unusually the monitoring room is back to front. When coming down the ladder you step to your right and the table and shelf are then on your right as you go through the door.
An Orlit B stands nearby. The wooden instrument table is in place but broken. There are also some GPO connection boxes and wiring.
Date of Visit 29.7.2000
Future Actions
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