Royal Observer Corps
Record added 17/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SO04825054
County Breconshire
Date opened December 1959
Date closed October 1968
Location On the East side of a field boundary on hilltop, 150 yards East of Newry Road.
Description OPEN All surface features remain intact but one ventilation louvre and the hatch are missing. The shaft is covered by timber and metal sheeting which is chained in place but is removable (the owner intends to lock or seal the shaft in some way). Internally much remains including the table, shelf, cupboard, twin bunks, body splint, small splint, the hatch and counter balance and some wiring. There is some rubble on the floor and 1" of water.
An Orlit B stands nearby on the field boundary. It is in good condition with its external door and wooden instrument table intact. There are also some GPO connection boxes and wiring.
Date of Visit 29.7.2000
Future Actions
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