Royal Observer Corps
Record added 17/4/2001
OS Grid Reference SO18341250
County Breconshire
Date opened August 1962
Date closed April 1973
Location 10 yards West of a public footpath running from Fitzroy Street to the Heads of Valley Road (A465). 50 yards North of cemetery
Description SEALED Some fencing from the small rectangular compound remains in place as does the gate alongside the footpath. The ventilation shaft has been reduced to ground level and the other ventilation shaft, adjacent to the access shaft has been reduced to below the louvres. The shaft is capped with 5" of concrete. This is a very exposed position the and remains look very weathered. The post was closed in 1973 when the Abergavenny post, which had closed in 1968, was recomissioned to replace it.
Date of Visit 22.05.2000
Future Actions
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