Royal Observer Corps
Record added 16/4/2001
OS Grid Reference ND20527645
County Caithness
Date opened November 1959
Date closed September 1991
Location By a viewing area on Dunnet Hill a few yards to the west of the trig. Station.
Description LOCKED All surface features remain intact with the green paint in fair condition with a little flaking. The louvers on the ventilation shaft are missing. The hatch is locked and when visited in 2000 could be opened with a Scottish T bar key. A metal dome on the ventilation shaft and three guying points indicates this was a master post. Internally the post is in good condition with numerous items remaining including table, shelf, cupboard, battery box, siren box, dome key, various posters, cluster map, BT connection boxes, eye wash, toilet rolls, kitchen utensils, 2 kettles, Jerry can, bench, wiring and hatch locking bar. The locking mechanism is now seized and the hatch can no longer be opened.

November 2007
The top of the Geiger tube is broken off and missing.
A number of buildings stand to the east of the post. These are from a WW2 chain home low radar station and comprise the operations block, stand-by set house, transformer building and a number of smaller buildings.
Date of Visit 24.6.2003
Future Actions
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