Royal Observer Corps
Record added 16/4/2001
OS Grid Reference NT93016454
County Berwickshire
Date opened February 1962
Date closed October 1968
Location On the north side of A1107
Description DEMOLISHED An uncultivated mound within an arable field
probably marks the spot. No other trace remains.
A short distance to the south east there is another mound with a roughly circular brick building. There is a door in one side and a wooden conical roof. The building has housed a radio transmitter and an aerial mast is still shown on current OS maps. The base of a small lattice mast can still be seen on the roof. Inside there is coax cable, mains electricity cables and electrical fittings and a telephone line. The wall of the building is marked with the cardinal compass points plus NE, SE, NW & SW which suggests that this may have been the aircraft post.
Date of Visit 24.3.2002
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