Royal Observer Corps
Record added 16/4/2001
OS Grid Reference NT74757249
County Berwickshire
Date opened May 1963
Date closed September 1991
Location On the north side of a field boundary and the end of a line of telegraph poles. 100 yards west of a sharp bend in an un-named minor road.
Description LOCKED All surface features remain intact with some flaking of the light green paint. A metal dome and aerial bracket on the ventilation shaft indicates this was a master post. The hatch is locked. Internally the following items remain: table, shelf, cupboard, 2 folding canvas chairs, 3 mattresses, BT junction box/wiring, BPI mount, cloud posters indicating this was a ROCMET post, cluster map, mirror, photographic paper for GZI, large splint, kettle, teapot, bucket, plastic bowl, battery box, fuse box, broom, dustpan, first aid poster. All the woodwork is painted light blue. The post was sold in 2003. The telephone line is lying on the ground between the poles.
A brick WW2 aircraft post stands nearby. It is 8' 6" X 13" with an 8'6" X 8'6" open section and an 8' 6" X 4.6" crew room. The open area retains its wooden surround protected with roofing felt. The crew room has had its window bricked up. The instrument table is lying on the ground.
Date of Visit 24.3.2002 & 20.4.2003
Future Actions
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