Royal Observer Corps
Record added 16/4/2001
OS Grid Reference NX22148158
County Ayrshire
Date opened October 1959
Date closed 1974
Location On hilltop very close to the edge of a coniferous plantation. 200 yards along a farm track from the level crossing at Barhill Station
Description OPEN All surface features remain intact apart from the GZI
mount. There is bad damage to the top of the access shaft. All the ventilation louvers are missing and the ventilation shaft adjacent to the access shaft is higher and narrower than usual. The hatch is partly detached. Internally the post is flooded to within two feet of the top of the internal doors. The post closed in 1974 with Ballantrae re-opening to replace it.
An Orlit A stands on a hilltop 30 yards to the east. Part of the roof of the crew room is missing and the wooden instrument table is leaning against one wall.
Date of Visit 10.8.2002
Future Actions
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