Royal Observer Corps
Record added 16/4/2001
OS Grid Reference NJ79681554
County Aberdeenshire
Date opened June 1961 and by 1977
Date closed October 1968 & September 1991
Location In a square compound on top of Tuach Hill close to a cellphone mast and trig station.
Description WELDED Having closed in the 1968 reorganisation, the post was later recommissioned, remaining open until stand down. All surface features are intact with some flaking of the khaki paint. The ventilation louvres are missing and the access shaft is damaged. The concrete base of the shaft is breaking up and the step is coming away from the shaft. The top of the shaft is damaged. The hatch is welded. Although not designated as a master post, the vent shaft has filled holes where the antenna mounting bracket and dome would have been fitted. A disused telegraph pole stands nearby. Some of the compound fencing is missing.
Date of Visit 16.07.2001
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