Royal Observer Corps
Record added 16/4/2001
OS Grid Reference NK09753555
County Aberdeenshire
Date opened June 1959
Date closed September 1991
Location On a mound in a square compound on a headland at Port Erroll, 200 yards east from the end of Harbour Street at the end of a line of telegraph poles.
Description OPEN All surface features except the BPI pipe are in place with the khaki paint flaking badly. A dome and mast bracket on the ventilation shaft indicates this was a master post. The ventilation louvres, hatch and top of the adjacent ventilation shaft are all missing. Internally the post
is a mess and has been badly vandalized. All the furniture has been smashed. The toilet door is broken and the monitoring room door is detached. All that remains is some wiring, two of the missing louvres and a detached BPI mount (2001). When visted in 2007 there was little change externally but internally the post has been severely damaged by fire.
Date of Visit 16.07.2001
Future Actions
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