Royal Observer Corps
Record added 22/10/2001
OS Grid Reference NS86047314
County Stirlingshire
Date opened May 1961
Date closed September 1991
Location In a large rectangular compound at the end of a line of telegraph poles on a hill top 150 yards east of houses in Avonbridge Road.
Description LOCKED All surface features are in place although the access shaft is in very poor condition. The top section of the ventilation shaft and the GZI mount is missing and the access shaft has also been damaged probably by people trying to break in. The padlock hasps have been chipped
out of the concrete although the hatch is still locked internally and can be opened with a Scottish T-bar key. The concrete apron around the shaft is also cracked. All the ventilation louvres are missing and the paint is in poor condition. Some of the compound fencing has gone although the access style is still in place. Internally the post is vandalised and strewn with rubbish although much remains including the table, shelf, cupboard, twin bunks, single bed (dismantled), 3 mattresses, WB1401 carrier receiver with WB1410 filter unit, BT junction box and wiring, fuse box, BPI mount, high folding table on side wall above a shelf, two small shelves at each end of the top bunk, two corner shelves above the battery position, battery box, fuse box, candle holder, lawnmower, small metal filing cabinet, folding canvas chair, ROC magazine, various papers and forms, saucepan, kettle, FSM probe gasket, 4 metal louvres and the detached GZI mount. Following this visit the condition of the post has deteriorated, the hatch is now detached and missing. The interior has been further vandalised and smells strongly of excrement. A small fire has been set at the base of the monitoring room door; superficial damage only. (report Ian Collins)
Report April 2017: An attempt has been made to seal it but it is open again. The ladder is blocked at the base with the old surrounding fence and the interior is severely fire damaged now

There is a BT junction box on the adjacent telegraph pole which would probably have served the aircraft post but the post itself has gone.
Date of Visit 25.6.2002
Future Actions
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