Struggle for Survival

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File 1 The Death of Bristol                                                            The effects of nuclear war - the civil defence response File 10  Emergency Laws                                                            New laws for wartime
File 2   Any Measure Not Amounting to Actual Combat         What is Civil and Home Defence? – lessons from World War II -  The  Civil  Defence Corps – Central Government and Regional War  Rooms File 11 The Regional Government Headquarters              RGHQs - history - sites and organisation - Chilmark in detail
File 3   A Difference in Kind – The Megaton Weapon             Central Government in War – the Strath Report – response to the  H bomb File 12  The Role of Local Authorities in War                       Controllers - Regulations - plans - emergency centres
File 4   The Central Government Nucleus                     SUBTERFUGE, BURLINGTON, TURNSTILE, etc – Protecting the Queen File 13  The Ministries Prepare for War                        Departmental plans - the War Book - health - transport - energy
File 5   The Regional Seats of Government                                The what’s, where’s and how’s of the RSGs File 14  Feeding the Survivors                                               Rationing - stockpiles - emergency cooking
File 6    Regional Government                                                   Sub Regional Controls – the end of the RSGs and the Corps File 15  The Uniformed Services                                               Armed forces - fire service - police
File 7    From Civil Defence to Emergency Planning           New strategies for the 1970s and 1980s – Protect and Survive – Exercise  Hard Rock – new roles for local authorities File 16  Civil Defence Communications and Warning    Wartime broadcasting - emergency communications - attack warning - Royal Observer Corps

File 8   Rethinking Regional Government                              Changes at regional level – Exercise Regenerate

File 17  The Road to War                                                           Countdown to the attack - the aftermath

File 9   Central Government in War in the 1980s                         Conventional war – COBRA and PINDAR