Membership of Subterranea Britannica is open to anyone wishing to support the society and its aims. Members receive a copy of Subterranea three times yearly and can subscribe to the members' email list which carries regular messages about underground news items and events. Membership also includes third party liability insurance which allows members to attend underground visits where this is often a requirement.

Members can help steer the society by attending an Annual General Meeting where a Committee is elected to provide day to day management and direction for Sub Brit. Members often form less formal local groups to arrange their own trips and visits. Sub Brit currently has over 1,000 members so you will almost certainly find other local members to share your interests with.

Membership is currently £21 per year, £31 for overseas members.

Subscriptions are payable on joining, and then in January each year, but new members joining after 1st October are deemed to have paid for the following year.

Subterranea Britannica is a company limited by guarantee. Members' liability is limited to a contribution of £1 to the company's assets if it is wound up.

Mailing Lists

We operate two private email lists for the use of our members:

  • "announce" - a low volume list for important announcements only, such as forthcoming site visits. All members are advised to subscribe to this list; and
  • "subbrit" - a general discussion list.

Usage is governed by the list charter and you can subscribe, change settings, view archives and unsubscribe using the links above. You will also find the same link at the bottom of every list email we send you.

For assistance with any aspect of our lists, contact the Mailing List Manager although you should attempt to use self-service first.

Join or Renew

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